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Our Vision

First, to unite the body of Christ in praise and worship.

Second, to proclaim the love of God.

Third, to pray for our nation.

  • The Story

    The Story

    The Festival of Praise (FOP) Fellowship was founded by Canon Dr. James Wong in 1986. Soon after its inception, it became the de facto annual gathering of God’s people in Singapore, usually before National Day, where churches out of every denomination would come together in high praise and worship and to pray for our nation.

    FOP grew in influence over the years to become well received amongst churches, both in Singapore and internationally. It’s broad base appeal to both the denominational and non-denominational churches, and to charismatics and evangelicals, stem from the fact that the focus of FOP wasn’t a denomination or personality but the Lord Jesus Christ.

    It is inter-generational and serves as a strategic platform to unite and serve the local churches towards fulfilling the destiny of Singapore.

    It began in 1985, when Canon Wong took a group of Christians from Singapore and Indonesia to attend the Feast of Tabernacles, which is celebrated annually in Jerusalem. Tens of thousands of Christians all over the world gathered in the City of the Great King to celebrate and worship the Lord with exuberant music, banners and the dance during this great feast.

    It was there in Jerusalem that Canon Wong received the vision and inspiration to host something similar in Singapore, where all churches, regardless of their denominational affiliation or persuasion, would come together in unity to worship the King. And this vision did become a reality with the Festival of Praise. Huge gatherings ensued, sometimes with crowds of up to 12,000, coming together to worship and praise. For more than 26 years now, the FOP has been inspiring and serving the Body of Christ in Singapore by featuring some of Christendom’s most anointed worship teams and speakers from around the world in our annual celebrations.

    In 2014, in addition to the celebration of praise, which is usually held in a larger arena, the leadership of FOP also introduced the FOP Conference, which is a leadership track geared to equip and empower God’s people for more effective ministry, whether in leadership or in worship. That year, we invited well known speaker, Wayne Cordeiro, Senior Pastor of New Hope Church in Hawaii, to speak to the pastors. It was a hugely successful event.

    Also in 2015, the leadership of FOP, under Rev Yang Tuck Yoong, the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Community Church, made a fundamental shift in her direction. FOP began hosting smaller, but regular senior pastor’s prayer meetings and luncheons, where through a more focused platform, a richer fellowship could be forged, and resources can be shared.

    That same year, FOP collaborated with the Assemblies of God of Singapore to host well known Hispanic leader and speaker, Rev. Samuel Rodrigues, at Trinity Christian Centre. It was a hugely successful conference that saw large crowds attending, especially on the final evening.

    Because of a prophetic promise that revival in Singapore would be precipitated through a youth movement, in 2016, FOPx (the youth arm of FOP) was birthed. Pastor Andrew Yeo was tasked by the Executive Committee to spearhead a movement to bring together the youth pastors in the city. In just a span of 1.5 years, FOPx was able to gather over 90 youth ministries in Singapore. They hold regular youth pastors and leaders gatherings each year as an effort to converge in prayer for our nation and our generation.

    In 2016, they organized their first ever conference called “BORN” and saw over 1,800 youths attending the evening meetings and over 1,000 from over 60 churches signing up for the day registrations. It was also at the conference they released an app, the FOPx app, which serves as a platform to connect students from different churches in the same school to come together in prayer. Not only students have joined the App, but teachers and principals are on the app as well. To date, they have 40 groups created by the students themselves, ranging from secondary school, to universities, to the Singapore Armed Forces.

    In 2017, on Youth Day, following the success from the Conference, FOPx held their first Praise & Worship Night. With limited publicity, they unexpectedly packed out the auditorium which seats 900. As estimated 1,400-1,500 people from over 70 churches were present, coming together as one body to lift the name of Jesus high, and to pray for the young of our nation.

    This is just the beginning of a great awakening here in Singapore and we believe that FOP and FOPx have a huge role to play. We are certainly at the precipice of a great outpouring of God's Spirit, and we would like to invite you to be a part of this great move of God. Let’s together usher in a new day.

  • The Team

    The Team


    The FOP Board is made up of Senior Pastors and Pastors from local churches.


      BOARD MEMBERS:      


  • The Objectives

    The Objectives

    In forging a FOP identity, the leadership has come up with 4 clear distinctive objectives.

    1) Revival
    FOP is first and foremost a coalition of like-minded churches seeking the release of the spirit of revival in the nation.

    2) Support
    FOP seeks to bless and assist local pastors with pastoral support and expertise, where more experienced pastors are given opportunities to encourage, mentor and guide younger pastors looking for role models to speak into their lives.

    3) Connectivity
    FOP aims to provide a safe, competition-free, and nurturing environment where pastors of churches, regardless of size, can connect and be part of something bigger than themselves; serving one another to help each other fulfill the call of God upon their lives and churches.

    4) Tools
    FOP also seeks to plan programme and organize events and workshops targeted at helping pastors get to the next level, without “reinventing the wheel”, and to equip young pastors in the area of church planting and ministry-related trainings.

  • The Legacy

    The Legacy

    The youth arm of Festival of Praise Fellowship.

    FOPx was birthed out of a vision by Festival of Praise (FOP) Fellowship in 2016 to see God move in the next generation. Made up of youth pastors and leaders from various churches and denominations, the committee converged for one vision - to see God's name and banner lifted high in the generations.

    The heart and vision of FOPx is to:
    Champion local Youth Ministries
    Capture the hearts of a Generation for Christ
    Contend for a city-wide transformation

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  • The Fellowship

    The Fellowship

    If you are a senior pastor of a local church, and would like to be part of our prayer gatherings, subscribe below.

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